Basic Kit for Africa:

M38 Fallschimrjager Jump Helmet

Tropical tan German shirt (Long/Short sleeved) or Heer grey combat shirt

Tropical tan German trousers

Tropical tan German tunic

Fallschirmjager 2nd Pattern front lace jump boots or Tropical Low boot

Ramcke Brigade patch on the right sleeve of the tunic and tropical shirt

Extra uniform for Africa:

M41 Tropical field cap

M41 Tropical side cap

Tropical tan shorts

Tropenhelm (Luftwaffe tropical pith helmet)

Tropical tie 

Green/Gray or Splinter helmet cover

Luftwaffe M40 Fliegerbluse  


Basic equipment for Africa:
Tropical tan Y-straps or leather Y-straps
Tropical tan belt or Brown leather belt with Luftwaffe buckle
Brown pistol holster
Tan or Green/Grey breadbag
Tropical or normal water bottle and cup
German mess-tin 
Brown K98 pouches (or) Blue, Green or Tan MP40 Ammunition pouches

Extra equipment for Africa:
Folding shovel (or) straight shovel in tropical tan or leather holder
K98 Bayonet and leather or tropical tan frog
Tan or Splinter Zeltbahn
A-Frame (Assault Pack)
Luftwaffe Jump Rucksack
Green or Splinter K98 Bandoleer 

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Tropenhelm (Luftwaffe tropical pith helmet)

M41 Tropical Field Cap

Tropical Tan Breadbag

Tropical tan cover for spade

Tropical K98 Bayonet Frog

Tropical Waterbottle and Cup

Tropical Y-Straps

M38 Fallschirmjager Jump Helmet

M38 Fallschirmjager Jump Helmet with Splinter Pattern Cover

Tropical Tan Belt with Luftwaffe Belt Buckle

Luftwaffe Gas Mask Bag